Manufacture of sanitary elements in reconstituted marble


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Goods required for the manufacture of sanitary elements (bathtubs, showers bin, sink plans...) reconstituted marble.

Goods consisting of:

-12.031 kg of powder of marble Marblemite PD S22.7 SW 1135P (of manufacturing Ymeris minerals Belgium S.A.).
-1,425 kg of resin Polylite 440-501 F225 K UN1866 (of manufacturing Reichhold SAS).
-Molds used to flow the material and produce the medical items.

The Olympia Marble is a synthetic marble made of resin and marble powder, mixed with a hardener to which is added a pigment that focus the mass in the colour desired by the customer.

The different steps of the manufacturing
• Preparation and cleaning of the mould with a solvent to smooth it.
• Polishing of smooth pan and coat of GELCOAD with a gun.  Minimum thickness of the layer: a millimeter, otherwise the product will lose its brilliance and its beam aspect to the touch.
• Place the mould in a furnace heated to 80 C °.   For information the furnace in question looks like a paint booth for body.  Once in the oven, the cooking time is three hours.
• After cooking, preparation of the different components that will become the marble of synthesis. To ensure the homogeneity of the product, do the following:
o mix the resin with catalyst
o Add marble powder and pigment to color all.
o once the good mixture, application of the Paste on the mold
o dry all day or less depending on the size of the element.  For a plate, the duration will be one day, while for a bathtub will be sometimes a half-day.  A tub weighs between 120 and 200 pounds.
Benefits of the product:
a. Resistance of the material: it is also resistant to the marble
b. possibility of repairing breaks, hits and claws, even on site
c. manufacturing measure: according to the wishes of the customer or of the space available.

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